The Life Force is something we humans call soul , sitting in our subconscious. Partially a truth but Life Force in it’s boundless meaning means , a vital energy that keeps every living thing alive , gives it a purpose , a will to become and hope . As powerful as it seems , is as susceptible , from the Demons of fear , anxiety, depression and other negative emotions that reduce or even can eliminate the Life Force.

It’s like a battery…..presumably on decline, in context of present situations. Almost 60%youth alone in The United States , are in the grasp of the Demon of depression, which results in it’s 30% partnership in death rate per year in United States….let alone the world!!

So let us be your guide , in rejuvenating The Life Force within you. And let us , together, embark on a journey towards Success, Happiness and Completeness in our lives……..

By Awakening The Life Force Within…………..

We Can… Can we?

Hello my lovely readers Tough time aye? I know, i know, the world’s facing a tough time. I know it’s been long, since I published ” Wondering…”, but okay, it takes time to motivate and make people believe in themselves when you, yourself don’t. Making them recognise their own higher potentials that they don’t…. ItContinue reading “We Can… Can we?”


I know you’re there. Crouching under the bed, greiving, remorsing in that shadowed corner. Don’t tell me, ….it’s fine…give me that fake grin. But your pillow knows it all. I know a lot happened, things……you don’t ever want to think of….’cause it hurts deep. But ! , What are you? A chapter that ends inContinue reading “Wondering…?”

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